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Shepherd Hut Types

Our Hut Types

With Sussex Huts you have complete autonomy over the design and layout of your hut, however, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Here, we describe our six most popular huts to give you a clear idea of the options. You can use any one of these as a starting point, changing or adding to these specifications as you require.

  1. The Original Hut

With a stable door at one end our original hut offers a more traditional feel of an original 19th Century hut. With two windows and timber exterior cladding this design was the first we made and comes in at 6ft 4 inches in width internally. The Original Hut comes in a choice of colours and a range of internal layout options, in 12, 14 or 16 ft in length.


  1. The Sussex Hut

The Sussex Hut is a more contemporary option with the addition of double doors placed along the longest wall of the hut. This provides a more usable space at either end. The option of half glazed or fully glazed doors allows plenty of light to enter the hut. Available in 3 different lengths – 12, 14 and 16 ft.


  1. The Oak Joinery Hut

Based on our Sussex Hut or the Original Hut, the Oak Joinery Hut offers oak windows and doors, stained and oiled to maintain the beautiful feel that only oak can provide. The Oak Joinery Hut offers the highest specification of shepherd’s hut and provides a look, feel and experience that comes with solid oak.


  1. The Glamping Hut

The Glamping Hut, with the inclusion of a bathroom, loo, kitchen and bed, can be used commercially or residentially. This is the hut that has it all and offers a huge amount of versatility. We can also provide the Glamping Hut off grid for remote locations, or we can connect to mains services where available.


  1. The Wriggly Tin Hut

The Wriggly Tine Hut is clad with plastic coated corrugated tin. Tin requires less maintenance than wood, is more practical for those who wish to ‘lock-up and leave’ and its aesthetics are preferred by some customers. This hut is available in lengths of 12, 14 and 16 ft with the interior of your choice.


  1. The Semi-Self-Build Hut

The Semi-Self-Build Hut caters for the more experience DIYer. We supply a rolling oak chassis, curved rafters and curved roof sheets, with instructions and drawings to make your own hut, as you wish, in your own time. We provide some of the harder to obtain materials, and you gain your own hut and a huge sense of achievement.

Case Studies

Case Study : The Model Workshop
A shepherd’s hut that serves as a model-making room, a den for the grandchildren, a tennis pavilion and a general all-round man-cave.

Case Study : The Rural Guest Retreat
Sited at the edge of a meadow, surrounded by woodland, there could be no position more perfect for a shepherd’s hut of this style.

Case Study : The Student Space
One teenager was given the hut of her dreams with this student space, providing a double bed, large desk area and an ensuite shower room.