12ft Sussex Hut

A Grandmother’s Sanctuary

Robbie’s parents had recently moved into a property within the grounds. She was keen to offer her mum a space in which she could go and relax, read, or simply watch and enjoy the wildlife in the garden.

We discussed the options over tea and decided a 12ft Sussex Hut would provide ample space.

The position of the hut would be on the edge of the paddocks, a little way from the house. To provide lighting within the hut we installed a solar panel on the roof. We were able to use a slimline flexible solar panel to follow the curve of the roof so it would not be visible from the ground. As well as lighting, we fitted a wood burning stove and a bench seat.

Robbie’s mother, Judith, regularly enjoys the company of her grandchildren in her hut, they love to ‘twit twoo’ back at the owls that roost in the trees and watch the deer that wander into the paddocks to graze.

Three generations will enjoy spending time together in her hut for many years to come.

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