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Shepherd huts built to the highest standards

Located in the heart of West Sussex, Sussex Huts designs and builds shepherd's huts to the highest standards. Using the finest British materials and top quality craftsmanship, our shepherd's huts are built to last a lifetime.

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Huts built to the highest standards
Proudly accredited members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen
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Master Craftsman

As accredited members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, you can be sure that your shepherds hut will be built to the highest possible standards. All Guild members are thoroughly assessed to earn the right to be called master craftsmen.

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Why a shepherd's hut?

Whether you would like to add a unique guest room, need an inspiring workspace or create a teenage hang out in the garden, Sussex Huts create a classic space with heritage charm for any home - with, in most cases, no planning permission required.

Our Huts
Why Shepherd Huts?
The Shepherd's Huts we offer

Our shepherd huts

The Original Hut
The Original Hut
With a stable door at one end, this hut offers the traditional feel of an original 19th century shepherd's hut.
The Sussex Hut
The Sussex Hut
Offering a contemporary twist on the Original, this hut has the addition of either a stable door or double doors along the length of the hut.
The Oak Joinery Hut
The Oak Joinery Hut
For those looking for a bit of luxury, this hut offers the layout options of the Original Hut and Sussex Hut, with the added details of oak windows and doors.
The Glamping Hut
The Glamping Hut
If living the Sussex Hut life is your dream, this is the hut for you. Including a full bathroom, kitchen and bed, this hut suits an outdoor lover’s life.
Examples of our Shepherd's Huts

Huts built in Sussex - lived in throughout the UK

12ft Original HutThe Garden Room
12ft Original Hut
14ft Sussex HutThe Quiet Space
14ft Sussex Hut
16ft Sussex HutThe Student Space
16ft Sussex Hut