16ft x 8ft - Sussex Hut

Bird Hide

This hut was always going to have many uses. First off our customer was a keen wildlife photographer. They had asked if we could create a window with small removable casements so they could discreetly photograph the local wildlife through the window without having to open it in the traditional manner. We also added a mirrored film to the glass to remain unseen from the outside. A small covert back door was also included so they could enter without disturbance.

Alongside being a spare bedrooms for the large family, it also served as an occasional light refreshment station. Our customer opens their garden to the public in the summer months and wanted to be able to provide teas, coffees and cakes to visitors.

A large kitchen and prep area filled one end of the hut. Within the grounds is a big Cedar tree. It had dropped a limb in a storm and we were able to use the timber to create the single slab worktops for the kitchen. We left the live edge to the Cedar for a more organic look.

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