18ft x 8ft - Sussex Hut

Natural Accoya Cladding

We were approached by Adrian to build a hut that could act as an extra guest bedroom but more importantly a place to camp out in the wild with his kids!

Adrian loved the idea of moving a hut around his property, to the woods in summer maybe or closer the the house in winter. Either way it needed to be flexible so we mounted bank of flexible solar panels on the roof and a big battery inside to power the lighting and sockets.

A built in cabin style bed inside created a cosy sleeping area as well as a sizeable storage space underneath, (this also doubles up as a den for the kids).

At the opposite end to the built bed is a dining area that converts to a super kingsize bed so the whole family can sleep outside if they want to. A 4kw Salamander Hobbit stove will keep them all warm if they fancy some winter camping!

Adrian was keen to explore the natural look on the outside of the hut, he very much wanted the timber cladding to naturally silver off over time.  We opted not to paint the external Accooya cladding, leaving it to age at its own pace. Accoya is a fantatstic wood for cladding, its resistant against rot, insect attack and its very demential stable. We experience very little, if any seasonal movement from this wood so its an obvious choice for cladding and exterior joinery, we make our doors and windows in it and we love it, better still its guaranteed for 50 years above ground!

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