16ft x 8ft - Sussex Hut

Over The House

Sam has a big garden, but restricted access. He needed to be able to work from home, so we built him a home office and sited it in a quiet corner of the garden. This set up works really well for him, and he was set on one of our shepherd huts early on.

The only initial hurdle we faced was the route into the garden, we did have access via a field behind his house but on reflection we decide that this route would be problematic. Sam contacted a local crane company who were more than happy to help.

Overhead telephone lines and a very tight road meant that it would not be straightforward. Luckily for us the crane operator was an expert in tight and difficult lifts, in fact he trained people how to approach these difficult situations so we knew we had the right people for the job.

We lifted the hut over the house and returned the next day to manoeuvre the hut into position at the end of Sam's long garden. This job made for some unusual and impressive photos.

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