16ft x 8ft - Sussex Hut

The Pink One

Jamie has the most incredible mature walnut tree growing in his walled garden. He and his wife wanted to enjoy this area of the garden more so they decided to site one of our shepherd huts under the tree.

To enjoy the area as mush as possible it was important to include a small kitchen area inside the hut. The idea was to be able to cook and prepare evening meals in the summer and use the hut as a base for entertaining in this special area of the garden. We also discussed the idea of occasionally sleeping in the hut for fun nights away form the house with the children or to house extra guests if the main bedrooms were full. This appealed so we suggested including our fold down wall bed. This design folds up out of the way when not in use as not to compromise the look, feel and space inside a hut.

Bold colours were chosen for this project, at first perhaps not what would be considered traditional. But this hut doesn't conform to rules and we certainly agree its fun and embraces its bold identity under the walnut tree. Muted pinks on the inside of the hut add  warmth, coupled with oak windows and doors the two colour ways compliment each other perfectly.

To get the hut into the walled garden needed a little more effort than usual, we contacted a local crane company to help us lift the hut into position. With some specialist equipment and operators we were able to crane the hut over the wall and into its final resting place.

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