14ft x 7ft - Original Hut

Woodland Hut

Having recently planted 700 native young trees in an area directly behind their house, Ron and Lynn have created a future woodland in which the trees will grow around their shepherd's hut. Having worked hard to complete the planting and many other jobs, the couple were keen to have a comfortable, warm space from which to watch the landscape mature.

The couple decided on the classic looks of our Original Hut, with the stable door being an important feature.

Creating a relaxing space was important, so we included a comfy seating area and a wood burning stove for those cold winter days. Ron and Lynn added a small freestanding unit as a place to make teas and coffees for friends.

We discussed the best way to create a small dining area without compromising too much space. Our solution was to make an oak table under the large window, which could be simply folded down when not in use. Warm lighting and blankets completed the cosy feel.

The landscape surrounding this hut will one day be very different to the day we delivered Ron and Lynn’s shepherd's hut. What an exciting thought!

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